Builder part: Instructions from the one man application company The past two and a half decades Ive been building applications on the App Store, nonetheless simply to some large work I committed in 2014 with this. Id want to reveal some numbers about my expertise a year ago and attract some insights in what factors went well and which of them didnt. Ideally this evaluation can give me about where you can target to cultivate my application revenue, some understanding and will soon be helpful to others. Apps Conclusion Jan 2014 introduced along my software that was many prosperous so far: My Oyster. This software has been in improvement since October 2013 and it is now my many steady application with regards to income and downloads though it had a rough start on the primary couple of months of the season. Together with it, I began marketing My Oyster Master as being a 69p advertisement-free substitute when I wished to evaluate how well pricing styles that were settled and the freemium would work for that same application. This model that is paid contributes to income stats corresponding to those of the software since it works out. Alongside this, I have been taking care of improving Camera Cube. That has not been lifeless and requires the 2nd position for this season on revenue. Most notably, I unveiled a major update in July with iOS 7 compatibility and additional help for Plus.

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In July, I also unveiled Perfect Grid as a iOS dock of the straightforward problem game I previously designed for Android. Lastly, in Nov I launched Pixel Picker. Swift pay for writing essays was published in by my app! Alongside these new items, my two programs that are old Challenge Camera remain survive the Appstore, nevertheless this year I have not been upgrading them. My App sales numbers in 2014