The Bard Entry Check-up – what in case you Know as being Well prepared Accordingly?

The Bard Access Exam supplies a new method to affect Bard that bypasses entry operations and existing standardized assessments, leveling the playing area among candidates worldwide.

The Facultyis traditional entrance choices remain unaffected and, hopefully you’ll utilize Bard to be applied to by them if they’re the most suitable for you. You will find no negative penalties for selecting these program processes that are standard.

In regards to the Entrance Exam

The Bard Entry Examination is an online dissertation check open to high school juniors. Achievement of the test is the same as a software for entrance. Prospects who score B+ or more will acquire an offer of entrance. The deadline for submitting a completed assessment is November 1, with notice of the outcomes from December’s end. There is no fee for this exam.

How Can It Work?

Individuals must compose four essays. The concerns are structured into three classes. One issue should be solved from each class. The article that is fourth might be from some of the three practicing a group. The proposed length for every single of the four essays is 2.


Every one of the information needed to reply the questions is around the exam platform. Nonetheless, you are not limited by these options. If you utilize materials that were other, they must be properly reported. Understand that this isn’t a of that which you know; relatively it is a chance to exhibit close reading, critical thinking, along with the capability to translate difficulties. It is an effort to connect testing to learning.

Applicants may enter and quit the examination normally as-needed before November 1, once authorized for the Bard Entrance Evaluation. Combined with completed examination, individuals must signal a Recognition Deal guaranteeing the followers the work is their very own. The Honor Deal is found on the evaluation software.


Members of team and the Bard college will grade the examination. The four essays each will be evaluated separately. There will also be a composite quality. Individuals scoring a composite quality of maybe more or B+ will receive notice of a supply of entry by the end-of November towards the School.

Performing the Application

Learners who complete their file must be completed by the essay assessment by distributing two files: a basic guide correspondence from another suitable institution standard or the senior high school counselor plus an official high-school transcript. Home-schooled students might distribute certification of their program in lieu of a log.


The official page of admission will undoubtedly be directed within one-week of delivery of those papers.

Candidates who get an N is likely to be invited to complete the Common App and will be considered the January 1 timeline as having attained. Their robust showing around the examination will complement their request inside the standard admission evaluation procedure. Their regular admission selection will be received by them by March’s end.